John Kalin's
"Rio Grande Southern"

Photos by Tom Troughton

You may remember John’s old San Juan Southern layout from the 10th National Narrow Gauge Convention. The majority of that layout was razed and replaced with a totally new design. The new layout portrays the RGS from Ridgeway to Rico during the late Thirties, early Forties time frame. The trains start at Ridgeway/Rico, which is a double-ended hidden yard, and proceed to Vance Junction, Ophir, the High Line and Lizard Head. At Vance Junction, the Telluride Branch runs to Telluride and Pandora. The run from Ophir to the highline includes all 7 trestles. The layout is 23’ x 50’ with approximately 225’ of mainline track and 150’ on the Telluride Branch. All bench work is in, along with all of the track and electrical work. The trains are controlled by EASY DCC with SoundTraxx Decoders. The scenery is approximately 60% complete.

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